Companies who sell to the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and the EOEM (Electronic Original Equipment Manufacturer) marketplaces need and deserve a marketing partner who understands what they do, what their products do, who they’re selling them to and why their customers need them. The companies we are privileged to work with are selling technical, highly-specialized products and services. We tailor their marketing communications programs to the people they need to reach – the design engineer, the production engineer, the system integrator, the procurement manager – the people who specify and purchase their products for use in their own products and systems.

We do this with a thorough understanding of the industrial and high-tech marketplaces and our clients’ products and technologies. We utilize our extensive knowledge of the media to place their advertising in the right places and get them editorial coverage their competitors envy. We drive traffic to web sites that are designed for maximum presence on the web and optimum functionality for the user. In short, we deliver a comprehensive approach to reach the technical B2B buyer.