Our collateral capabilities include corporate and capabilities brochures, technical data sheets, product catalogs, short form catalogs, price lists, cross-references, literature folders, binders, sales manuals, and other supporting materials, including CD-ROM presentations and downloadable web site data sheets and other materials. Literature we produce ranges from inexpensive one- and two color pieces in standard or custom sizes to full-color brochures and catalogs. We design and produce all literature with an eye toward maximizing the impact of the message and ensuring a totally unified, coordinated, “one-company” look for each client. It is critical that collateral materials reflect the image projected in advertising, direct mail, publicity and other promotional programs. Literature should not only be graphically compatible with other promotional materials, but should also reflect the same kinds of sales messages, marketing thrust and image as the total program. Even the most technical aspects of your literature should tie in to the basic objective of a coordinated program. The production of collateral that is technically sound in its concept and content, appealing in its graphics, positive and informative in its presentation and cost-effective in its production is our goal for every Macrovision client.

As with our ads and other print materials, literature is produced on our advanced Macintosh desktop publishing system, which utilizes the most sophisticated and versatile graphics software available. These tools speed turnaround, reduce prep costs and permit quick development of alternative layouts and graphics. Ultimately, however, any DTP system is only as good as whoever is using it. That’s where the experienced eye, solid graphic sense and exceptional creativity of our art department comes into play. And, our Art/Production Department is experienced in working with printers and other vendors to ensure that your literature gets printed right, and at an economical cost.